Craving one-to-one attention?


do you want to book a package of 1:1 sessions?

Do You Want to book a single 1:1 session?

do you want to book a package of 1:1 sessions?

Do You Want to book a single 1:1 session?

A 1:1 Coaching Package to get you unstuck fast

Four-month coaching package plus text support

This package is designed to help you:

Activate your big ideas, clarify your brand message, and keep you in your creative zone with text support when you need it most.  We'll turn things up by cleansing everything in your way of reaching your money goals and implement an accountability system to keep you on track.  You'll pause and take a step back so you can see the forest through the trees, you'll let go of old things that don't work and create new things that do.  We'll address the mind trash that's holding you back so you can unlock your badass and start making CEO decisions. 


How It Works:

Live Coaching - 8 sessions 75 minutes each to be used over four months plus text support.

We'll cover brand message clarity and business direction.  You'll get a step-by-step plan of what you can do right now to achieve the results you want.  When you have a clear plan your confidence will go up and you'll believe in your offering so much, you'll be bold about inviting your customer to do business with you and charging your full value.  We'll simplify your sales and marketing system so you can focus your attention on what makes you money and brings you the most joy.  I'll share with you all of my resources, tools, and strategies to move you ahead plus you'll get text support between sessions so you can stay in your zone of abundance.

Who Should Apply?

This package is for you if you're ready to have a major breakthrough in your business and life. If you know that your "inner game" is just as important as sales or marketing, and if you're sure that my straight forward no B.S style is a match for you. 

This package is not for you if you're easily offended and defensive about candid feedback or adult language, or you tend to be negative, dramatic, or blame external factors for your lack of results, or if you have a history of not following through with homework.  


Gabrielle is truly gifted with clarity. She can take in the big picture with countless moving parts and hone in on exactly what crucial changes need to be applied to solidify the foundation of a project and illuminate the way forward. She's able to communicate with a directness and precision that is rare to encounter in a person who's also so approachable and down to earth. The biggest leaps I've made in business have been with Gabrielle's skilled advice urging me forward.

Jen Aliz Lokaijckova
Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator
gabrielle thomas testimonial
I will be forever grateful for Gabrielle's deal-it-to-me-straight coaching that gave me and my business the one-two punch it needed when I was stuck. Gabrielle is brilliant at helping her clients see clarity in their businesses and more importantly, she empowers you with a renewed sense of confidence to accomplish even the most daunting of challenges. 
The Consultant Code
Minneapolis, USA

a single session to clarify your brand message

Clarify your message

This session is short, fast, laser-focused, and practical.  First, we'll deep dive into what your customers need to succeed.  Then we'll clarify your brand message and improve your digital presence - basically you'll be seen, heard and understood.  Which means a win for you, a win for what your business needs, and the biggest win for the people that you serve.  

How It Works:

You need to organize your thinking when it comes to your brand message.  Your messaging is confusing and noisy and you're struggling to gain visibility.  You have an existing brand that you want feedback on, so you can get the maximum value from this experience. 

Who Should Apply?

This is for you if you are ready to make the necessary changes to move ahead in clarifying your brand message, and if you're sure that my straightforward no-BS style is a match for you.

This is not for you if don't currently have a brand and are just starting out.  (I would recommend the 1:1 package). This is also not for you is you're easily offended and defensive about candid feedback or adult language.  Or, you tend to be negative, dramatic or blame external factors for your lack of results. 


Gabrielle has an amazing skill at cutting straight to the heart of the matter, seeing through the clutter, chaos and complications that I often bring, to quickly grasp the key issue. Her straight-shooting styling is such a welcome change to the fluff and complexities that so many other business coaches have. I love her approach of simplifying business to increase profits as well as the owner's enjoyment and satisfaction of what they do.


Brook McCarthy
Business Coach
Sydney, Australia

A godsend is how I would describe her. Before meeting Gabrielle, I was confused and had no clear vision of what I was doing and where I wanted to go. She has helped me see my gifts and develop a plan of how I should share them with the world. Without her vision and her strong intuitive guidance, I would still be going in circles. Thanks to Gabrielle I am clearer than I've ever been and on a path of abundance. Making higher ticket offers and living the life I want to live. Thank you for believing in me.

Forever grateful,




Toronto, Canada

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4 month coaching package

$7000 USD

single session

$1500 USD

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