Less Caption. More Action.

Economic Empowerment for black people.  That's the new standard.  It's time for non black people and thriving black people to pull up.  It's our duty to serve the largest gap first, then the second biggest and so on.  No freedom until we're equal.

Systemic racism has created a disparity in this case.  Being a woman, especially a black woman in other cases.  ALL women KNOW what it feels like to stand behind women’s economic empowerment.  Because INEQUALITY.  We are making $0.50 for every $1 a man makes.

That fucking sucks.  It gets worse! Black women and black people are making $0.35 for every $1.

You do the math.


Offer a free service, talk, money, donation, education, mentorship, financial education. I'll match you with someone that needs your skill set.  Share your audience, by inviting a black business owner to your podcast or event.  Amplify black voices through your newsletter, blog or guest post.


The world needs more purpose driven businesses.

When we close the gap, narrow the disparity we move forward together.

Black people make up 47.8 million strong and continue to out spend nationally. (Sept. 2019 nielsen)

Life is very short. What we have to do, must be done now.

- Audre Lorde

economic empowerment for black people

economic empowerment for black people form

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