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Simple Gets Paid Mastermind

Helping you to clarify your message and become the leader everyone wants to hire

Helping you to clarify your message and become the leader everyone wants to hire

Prioritize Simplicity

Clarify your brand message

 Show up & kill it with competence

Prioritize Simplicity

Do what you love and become the go-to expert that everyone wants to hire.  By getting out of your comfort zone, working your strengths, activating your genius and getting comfortable in your own skin.  That's when you'll go from busy to full and all the bullshit falls away.

clarify your message

It's time for women to be seen, heard and understood especially women of colour.  You'll learn how to clarify and simplify your brand message so you stand out from the crowd and attract an audience that's looking for you.  The best part is charging as an expert and being paid your full value.  

Show up & kill it with competence

Build your business to a seven-figure success because six figures are still playing small.  Set up your clear and potent system for sales, marketing, and networking.  The point here is to build up your confidence and slay your money goals. 

Nobody should have to experience losing out on their dreams

to clarify your message and grow your business, you have to master the art of simplicity

But There's a Problem...

You're confused about pricing and meeting your money goals.

You're ignored in a noisy marketplace.

You're stuck living on automatic, status quo and staying in your comfort zone.

You're sifting through hundreds of online programs to find the right strategies to grow your business.

You're on location lock and not traveling as much as you want to.

You're losing money by not launching your million dollar idea.

You're not prioritizing self care and you're eating like crap and feeling like crap.

Simple Gets Paid Mastermind has everything you need to clarify your message and grow your business in one place plus the added benefit of hanging out with other entrepreneurs who 'get you'.

gabrielle thomas testimonial

Gabrielle is truly gifted with clarity. She can take in the big picture with countless moving parts and hone in on exactly what crucial changes need to be applied to solidify the foundation of a project and illuminate the way forward. She's able to communicate with a directness and precision that is rare to encounter in a person who's also so approachable and down to earth. The biggest leaps I've made in business have been with Gabrielle's skilled advice urging me forward.

Jen Aliz Lokaijckova
Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator

A godsend is how I would describe her. Before meeting Gabrielle, I was confused and had no clear vision of what I was doing and where I wanted to go. She has helped me see my gifts and develop a plan of how I should share them with the world. Without her vision and her strong intuitive guidance, I would still be going in circles. Thanks to Gabrielle I am clearer than I've ever been and on a path of abundance. Making higher ticket offers and living the life I want to live. Thank you for believing in me.

Forever grateful,




Toronto, Canada

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My gratitude overflows for Gabrielle! She has a gift for seeing you deeply as a person + uses that skill to effortlessly communicate how you can best move forward while providing clarity by telling it like it is. She cuts out the bullshit in every way — bringing ease to what was previously stressful + clearheadedness to what was confusing. Working with Gabrielle has empowered me to be more confident, courageous + honest with myself both personally + professionally. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Courtney Koester
Empowerment Coach
New Jersey, USA

How does it work?

Simple Gets Paid is a 10-week mastermind and private coaching experience that focuses on helping you to grow your business, clarify your brand message and become the leader that everyone wants to hire. That means you'll need to keep your energy up - so we'll be covering both your business and wellness at the same time.  This is a transformational, roll-up your sleeves and let's get down to your life and business experience.  

This program has a three-part framework.  In the first phase, you'll focus on doing more of what you love and cleanse everything in the way of growing the business that you want. You will activate your strengths, fulfill your genius and get comfortable in your skin. 

We'll kick off phase two by finding your sweet spot, clarifying your brand message, and working your expertise. When more women are seen, heard, and understood it will be impossible for our talent to be ignored. 

In the final phase, you'll kill it with competence by designing your boldest and bravest offer, along with your strengths-based strategies for networking, sales and marketing. 

We'll finish strong with building habits for success by elevating your self-care to keep your energy up.  

The entire focus will be on you, my job is to personally guide you to overcome your obstacles and give you the personal feedback you need to move ahead.  

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Here's the support you'll get over the 10-weeks together

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mind & business detox

Individual & Group Coaching

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Gabrielle has an amazing skill at cutting straight to the heart of the matter, seeing through the clutter, chaos and complications that I often bring, to quickly grasp the key issue. Her straight-shooting styling is such a welcome change to the fluff and complexities that so many other business coaches have. I love her approach of simplifying business to increase profits as well as the owner's enjoyment and satisfaction of what they do.
Brook McCarthy
Business Coach
Sydney, Australia

is simple gets paid right for me?


Simple Gets Paid is an amazing program, but it isn't right for everyone.  Get answers to the most frequently asked questions so you can make the best decision for you.

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